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Spring Into Security – Quick Tips on How to Protect Your Property from Security Specialists!

Despite the weather in many parts of the country, spring is upon us. That means getting your home in shape after a long winter.

While the lawn and general cleaning are good first steps, at Security Specialists, we urge you not to forget about safety and security.

To prepare yourself and your property for the warmer months ahead, here are a few, simple tips on how to protect your property.

  1. Trim the trees and bushes in front of windows and doors so you can see what’s going on clearly from all angles. An obstructed view can lead to undetected danger.
  2. If your doors are weak or broken, invest in new ones that are solid and fit snuggly within the frame (too much space between the door and frame is an open invite for a crow bar and forced entry). Also check the locks on all doors and windows and replace as necessary. If you own a multi-family dwelling consider fire resistant doors.
  3. If you invested in a home security system, make sure the wiring of your surveillance devices is hidden and out of site to prevent an intruder from cutting it.
  4. For heaven’s sake, if you’re one of those homeowners that typically leaves a spare key under the outside welcome mat while on vacation…stop and consider investing in a keyless door lock that allows entry via a one-time password that you can program to allow trusted visitors access to your home.
  5. If you haven’t already, consider investing in a home security system.


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