Residential Solutions

Delivering What You Value Most – Peace of Mind!

Protecting your loved ones…protecting your house and property…keeping all that is valuable to you safe and secure is what our residential solutions are all about. From theft and fire protection to environmental monitoring, Security Specialists has a solution to fit your exact needs and budget!

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Water-Heater-LeakingAt Security Specialists, we not only offer superior protection against intrusion and fire, we also provide comprehensive environmental monitoring for your home or business to prevent mechanical failures and natural disasters from wreaking havoc on your property. With our integrated environmental monitoring solutions, we can monitor the temperature of your home; detect a leaky water heater or flooding; even check for hazardous gases! To learn more about our Environmental Monitoring Solutions and how they can protect your property, your pets and your valuables, click here

Theft & Fire Protection

Stovetop-fire_state_farmTheft and fire detection systems from Security Specialists combine affordability with the best, state-of-the-art, UL-listed equipment and unmatched support. As a locally owned and operated company that’s fully licensed and insured, we provide you with superior, 24/7 protection and service including system design, installation and world class alarm monitoring at competitive pricing. In fact, we’re so sure of the reliability and quality of our solutions, we welcome you to compare how our systems stack up against other leaders in the home security industry. For additional information on our burglar and fire protection, click here

Closed Circuit TV with Remote Viewing

Residential CCTVSecurity Specialists can integrate your cameras with your security system for the ultimate peace of mind. Watch live, streaming video on multiple cameras at one time, and receive video clips and images of events occurring in and around your home on your laptop, smartphone or any compatible mobile device! The solution is ideal for keeping an eye on your kids and pets when you’re not home. To learn more, click here.

Nanny Cam

wall-clock-hidden-nanny-camera-500x500With the continuing trend in two parent working households and the growing number of home caregiver abuse incidents, a Security Specialists Nanny Cam is a great way for you to keep an eye on your children when you can’t be there. Discretely installed, our Nanny Cams can secretly monitor and record the activities of home caregivers, such as nannies, babysitters, nurses and even cleaning personnel, so you can be sure that your children and property are being well taken care of in a professional manner. To learn more about our Nanny Cam systems, click here.

Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS
Superior Protection and Peace of Mind for Seniors and Family Members in Emergency Situations

pers-device-1In an emergency, every second counts…especially when it comes to seniors and family members with medical issues. Our Personal Emergency Reporting System has been specifically designed to get the critical help for anyone facing a home emergency situation IMMEDIATELY!

How Does it Work?

The PERS device comes in a table top unit that plugs into any telephone receptacle along with a wireless waterproof transmitter that the user can wear as a neck, wrist, or belt pendant. To call for help, the user simply presses the emergency or panic button on the main unit, or the button on their pendant. One of the biggest differences between a traditional alarm system and a PERS system is that the operators are specially trained to handle medical emergency situations. Once activated, the two-way voice unit allows an operator to hear what is going on in the home, as well as communicate with the occupant. For additional information on our PERS device, click here.

Fail-Safe Radio Monitoring System

7058E-High-Res2Most security systems depend on standard copper telephone lines to connect to a monitoring center, with alarm signals travelling as sound. However, in VoIP environments, the sound (audio) signals must be compressed and converted to digital data many times for the alarm communication from the security panel to the monitoring station to be accomplished. As each VoIP provider may use slightly different technology to accomplish this conversion, they may not be compatible with every security system. In fact, in some environments, the resulting signal sent out by the VoIP provider may not be recognized at all as an alarm signal by the monitoring center. Additionally, if communication is not initially established and the central station is unable to identify and act on a legitimate alarm signal, the security panel will assume control over the VoIP telephone line for up to 8 minutes, making it impossible for the central station to know the severity of the situation or get in touch with the alarm site. The other issue impacting VoIP telephony and security systems is power outages. As VoIP telephones depend on an Internet connection, much like any digital phone system, a power outage of any sort will disrupt power to your home or facility internet modem or router, resulting in interrupted or inconsistent alarm transmission. To help ensure consistent security system performance, our fail-safe radio monitoring system is an ideal solution for anyone with a VOIP telephone service. It not only ensures that a clear and robust signal reaches the central station, but that it only takes 5 seconds to transmit the data. For more information on our radio monitoring system, click here

Home Automation

Home automation solutions from Security Specialists allow you to customize your home according to your busy lifestyle. Now, you can set your thermostat automatically…arm and disarm your security system…turn your lights on and off and monitor your entire house right from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Specifically designed to provide you and your family with total control of your living environment and energy usage wherever you are, our home automation solutions allow you to remotely lock your home and garage doors, see who’s on your property or at your front door, turn on your air conditioning system, even receive alerts to know when your kids arrive home safely..all from a single button right on your tablet or smartphone. To learn more about our Home Automation solutions, click here.