Protecting Mission-Critical Personnel, Property and Data Assets from Harm!

From local police facilities to national landmarks, Army barracks to county courthouses, the need to protect government and law enforcement employees, property and data assets is increasingly becoming more important in today’s turbulent, complex geo-political world.

At Security Specialists, we have the experience, understanding and expertise to effectively map, deploy and service an overall, integrated, flexible security solution based on current as well as future requirements and budgetary guidelines. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes best-of-breed components from leading manufacturers to ensure unrivalled performance and maximum reliability for all types of internal and perimeter security needs including intrusion, theft, fire, building access, identity management, video surveillance and hazardous gas monitoring.

With over three decades of experience and superior domain knowledge within the government arena, Security Specialists is the logical choice to fortify, enhance and manage your facilities’ security.

  • High-performance barrier gates protect the perimeter of your facility, restrict intruders and assure only authorized vehicles gain access to your location
  • State-of-the-Art access control to restrict access to your facility as you see fit
  • Comprehensive video surveillance and recording facilitates observation and monitoring of all high-value areas of your facility
  • 24 x 7 x 365 central station monitoring
  • Fully redundant fire and theft protection