Remote Assistance

Please do not use the link to request remote assistance unless you are directed to do so by one of our technical staff.

Please note that unless your system is under warranty or is covered by a service agreement remote assistance is provided as a fee based service. Please be advised that our rates for these services are $35.00 for the first 10 minutes or part thereof and $15.00 for each additional 10 minutes or part thereof.

The billing starts from the time you are connected to our tech support person by telephone.  Please be further advised that this service is provided under our standard service agreement terms and conditions which are available upon request.  Additionally we do not guarantee that remote assist service will resolve the technical issues that you are experiencing or that you will not require on-site service to do so. In all circumstances the time provided to you for remote services IS BILLABLE.

You must agree to the above terms and conditions prior to being remotely serviced.