Preventing Workplace Crime

24 x 7 x 365!

In manufacturing plants, industrial locations and warehousing facilities across the country, physical threats, theft, vandalism and workplace violence are rising to previously unseen levels. To prevent malicious assaults on your property and employees, as well as protecting your inventory and assets, a comprehensive, well thought out security plan is absolutely critical.

At Security Specialists, we can help your organization with a sound and sensible solution consisting of expert advise and strategically placed intruder alarms, access control devices,  CCTV surveillance units and barrier controls. Specifically designed to restrict access to your facility as well as preventing a direct assault, a Security Specialists’ solution can protect you against criminal acts such as theft and vandalism as well as addressing general employee health and safety concerns. For highly sensitive and restricted areas, we can augment your solution with Video Remote Tours and Intercoms so your staff can perform scheduled tours of your facility via video surveillance, thereby eliminating unnecessary, potentially dangerous face-to-face confrontations as well as reducing guard positions.

Since 1978, we’ve specialized in designing and building corporate, warehousing and industrial facility security solutions, amassing a substantial, blue-chip portfolio of world-class clients and market expertise. We welcome the opportunity to put that knowledge to work on your facility.

  • High-performance barrier gates protect the perimeter of your facility, restrict intruders and assure only authorized vehicles gain access to your location
  • State-of-the-art access control further restricts access to your facility as you see fit
  • Comprehensive video surveillance and recording facilitates observation and monitoring of all high-value areas of your facility
  • 24 x 7 x 365 central station monitoring
  • Fully redundant fire and theft protection via motion detection