Personal Emergency Response System

The Help That You Need…Right When You Need It!

In an emergency, time is critical. Our Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS) will summon the help you need… IMMEDIATELY! Live confidently in your home knowing that you can get the medical attention you need FAST… all by simply pushing a button!

How Does it Work?

The PERS device is a personal emergency reporting system that comes in a table top unit that plugs into any telephone receptacle. The system will also come with a wireless waterproof transmitter that you can wear as a neck, wrist, or belt pendant. The user can call for help by simply pressing the emergency or panic button on the main unit, or by pressing the button on their pendant.

One of the biggest differences between a traditional alarm system and a PERS system is that the operators are specially trained to handle medical emergency situations. Whenever help is summoned, the operator will ask the occupant if everything is okay.

The unit is a 2 way voice unit that once activated, allows an operator to hear what is going on in the home, as well as communicate with the occupant. This is very important for two reasons. First, the homeowner does not have to rush to answer the phone as they would with a traditional alarm system. They can simply talk and the operator can hear them. Second, there are cases where the occupant of the home has had an accident and is unable to communicate with the operator. Help can be summoned and family members or caretakers can be notified of the situation.