Keeping Patients and Staff Safe in a Secure Environment!

While physical security has not necessarily been a top priority for health care facilities in the past, recent regulatory mandates as well as an uptick in violent and malicious incidents directed at medical facilities and practitioners nationwide, has resulted in many facilities reevaluating their current security best practices.

Healthcare facilities, whether multi-location campus facilities or single-building practices, now require the same levels of physical security as other industries due to HIPAA mandates and the need to protect personally identifiable information (PII). At Security Specialists, we have the experience and expertise to develop a comprehensive security plan that is custom designed for your particular organization.

Our team of industry-specific experts will assess your current environment and security profile for intrusion, fire, hazardous gas, theft and access protection. Next, we’ll work with you in developing a solution that fits your exact operational and budgetary requirements.  Finally, we’ll deploy and test the solution to ensure your complete satisfaction.

At Security Specialists, we’ll provide the very latest in technology to protect your entire facility from the parking lot to the operating room so your staff can focus on patient care and your patients on getting well.

  • High-performance barrier gates protect the perimeter of your facility, restrict intruders and assure only authorized vehicles gain access to your location
  • State-of-the-Art access control to allow to allow or deny facility access, as you see fit
  • Comprehensive video surveillance, monitoring and recording facilitates observation and monitoring of your facility to detect any malicious behavior
  • 24 x 7 x 365 central station monitoring
  • Fully redundant fire and theft protection
  • For campus locations, emergency call stations provide  employees, patients and visitors with campus-wide access to immediate assistance from security staff