Intrusion Detection (Burglary)

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With Your Business At Stake – Security Is Not An Option

billion dollars in profits lost each year to theft
billion dollars in property loss occurs annually due to fires.
of retail loss is due to vendor theft

Statistics show that businesses are very vulnerable to burglary and hold-ups. Security Specialists will work with you to provide the most effective security system solution to suit your specific needs so that your business doesn’t become another statistic.

Unfortunately, you cannot predict when a threat of loss will come. For that reason, a 24-hour monitored Electronic Security System is vital to protecting your business investment.

From the detection of illegal intrusion to fire, critical conditions (temperature or flood), and natural disaster emergencies, your Electronic Security system will sound an alarm, as well as inform the nearest response team to your urgent situation.

While no system can stop an emergency from happening, an Electronic Security System solution can expedite response to that emergency and prevent greater loss and damage.