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Condo and Apartment Fire Prevention Safety Tips from Security Specialists

It’s The Time of Year to Prepare Your Condo or Apartment to Prevent Fires!

Well, the weather is finally starting to get nicer, and we can all turn our attention to finally leaving our condos or apartments and getting outdoors. However, before we set out on our fresh air adventures, it’s important to remember that now is the best time of year to think about fire safety, especially if you live in a condominium or apartment building or complex.

Often neglected by folks who live in them, condo and apartment fire prevention is critically important as fires can easily break out in an apartment or condominium building and place hundreds, if not thousands, at risk. To help you stay safe and secure from fire, here are a few condo and apartment fire prevention tips from Security Specialists.

  1. Smoke Detectors Save Lives. Make sure your condominium or apartment has smoke detectors, such as those provided by Security Specialists, inside as well as in the hallway of your building. The building superintendent or manager should provide these for you. It is also important to check with the building staff to ensure new batteries are placed in the smoke detectors regularly and that they are functioning properly. Being aware of fire danger early may be the key to saving your life.
  2. If You Live in a Building, Consider Investing in a Fire Escape Kit. This type of safety kit can include a fire mask, gloves, and a heat reflective blanket to provide you with an added safety measure.
  3. Make Sure You Know Where All the Exits Are in Your Building or Complex. Make it a habit to familiarize yourself with every stairwell, elevator and exit on your floor. It’s especially important to know where all the stairwells are located as this should be your first avenue of escape in the event of a fire and if a fire is blocking one of the stairway exits. If all exit areas are not clearly marked so you can easily find them in the event of a fire, make sure you notify the appropriate superintendent, manager, or owner. Most complexes have systems that utilize light and sound to help you locate the exits when fire or smoke occurs.
  4. Watch What You’re Cooking. Never leave food unattended while cooking. It’s also a good idea to invest in a small fire extinguisher of your own to have on hand just in case. Your apartment complex should also have a fire extinguisher on each floor that is accessible to you.
  5. Designate a Meeting Place in the Event of a Fire. It is important to identify a pre-determined meeting place for all family members, friends and neighbors who live in your building to gather in the event of a fire. The meeting place should be outdoors and far enough from the fire and smoke to prevent harm. Everyone should immediately move to this pre-determined location in the event of a fire.
  6. Check All Your Electrical Connections and Cords. While not unusual in an apartment, resist the urge to overload electrical outlets by plugging in multiple electronic or electrical appliances as this is a primary cause of fires. Regularly check all commonly used electrical cords and outlets to make sure there are no signs of wear or abuse such as frayed insulation or loose connections.

At Security Specialists, We Want to Protect You and Your Family from Fire in Your Condo or Apartment!

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