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Protect Your Home During the Holidays – Six Safety and Security Tips from Security Specialists

Well, it’s that most wonderful time of the year when we look forward to hitting the road to visit family and friends in celebration and to share in the excitement of the holiday season. However, it’s also that time of year when we let our collective guards down regarding home security. To help you keep your home stay safe and secure this holiday season, here are six simple tips to keep in mind:

  1. WATCH HOW YOU ACCEPT PACKAGE DELIVERIES – With more of our purchasing online, the more we are receiving packages at our homes. While this is certainly convenient, it is, unfortunately, leading to more people having packages stolen right off their front porch. If you’re expecting packages, always request a signature confirmation or have a trusted neighbor hold on to them for you.
  2. IF FRIED TURKEY IS ON THE MENU, COOK IT OUTSIDE – A fried turkey is delicious, however, frying your bird in a deep fryer inside your home is an accident waiting to happen. Make sure you always read the instructions first on how to prepare your turkey safely and please, use the deep fryer OUTSIDE of your house.
  3. IT’S THE SEASON FOR STEALING – Theft tends to rise in the month of December, so be extra diligent in making sure you secure your home, car and everything that you can.
  4. SEE THE LIGHT – Thieves usually don’t approach homes that appear to be occupied, so always keep the lights on, inside and out, to give the appearance that someone is home.
  5. DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE WHEN DECORATING –Christmas tree fires can be devastating. If you have a live tree, make sure that is has water every day, and ensure that any lights you use are checked for breaks or exposed wires. Also, make sure you are not running any extension cords through windows or garage doors. Just the smallest of cracks can expose a home to thieves.
  6. DON’T BE TOO SOCIAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA – With just about everyone online these days, it’s important to be very careful about what you share and post on social media. If you do decide to share on social media, make sure you don’t have your location tagged to your post. This is especially critical if you’ll be travelling for the holidays. The smarter move is to wait until you return from your trip before posting about it.

We at Security Specialists Want You and Your Family to Stay Safe this Holiday Season!


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