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Ho…Ho…Ho….Use Caution When Decorating for the Holidays!


It’s that time of the season again and throughout America, families are preparing for the holidays. To get in the holiday mood, many will start putting up decorations. To ensure you and your family remain safe and injury-free throughout the season, Security Specialists urges you to take some basic precautions when decorating for the holidays.

  1. When spraying artificial snow on your tree and wreaths, make sure you follow directions carefully as the spray can irritate your mucous membranes and lungs if inhaled.
  2. While beautiful to look at, “angel hair” is made from spun glass which can irritate your eyes and skin. Always wear gloves and use caution if you choose to decorate with angel hair.
  3. If your decorating includes incorporating lights, make sure there are no broken sockets, loose connections, exposed or frayed wires.
  4. Always use a proper step ladder when reaching to place decorations in higher locations… never stand on chairs or other furniture as this is an accident waiting to happen
  5. Decorate the tree with your kids in mind; always move ornaments that are breakable or have metal hooks toward the top
  6. Plants can be an integral part of your holiday decorating, but keep in mind that some are poisonous (including some Poinsettias). Always use caution with plants and keep any that are poisonous out of the reach of children or pets.
  7. Make sure floors and outside paths are clear so no one trips on decorations or light strands.

All of Us at Security Specialists Wish You and Yours a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!







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