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Hotel Security Tips from Security Specialists!

Practical Hotel Security Tips to Help You Travel Smarter and Safer! 

Well, the winter doldrums are starting to take their annual toll and we start dreaming about chasing the sun this winter. However, before traveling to escape the cold, it’s a good idea to keep these ten hotel security tips in mind whether traveling for business or pleasure.

Loose Lips Sink Ships – Try to Book Online

Not only will this save time with your check-in, but it also means you have to provide less information at the reception counter where other people might hear your critical details.

Don’t Go to the Top or Bottom – Request the Middle Floors

Never stay on the top floor of a hotel. In the event of a fire or terrorist scenario, you severely limit your escape options (there’s only way to go and the higher the floor; the more difficult it is for fire truck ladders to reach). The ground floor is also not a favorable option as it provides much too easy access. Be picky – try to request a room between the second and fourth floors, furthest away from the side of the lobby.

Everyone Should Pull Their Own Weight If Possible – Be Careful with Your Luggage

Don’t let the bell staff or the concierge take your bags, especially in a foreign country. Additionally, always place your bags down in front of you, not beside or behind you.

Always use the latch and deadbolt to lock your door.

Using the latch and deadbolt adds two additional levels of protection and privacy.

Consider Investing in a Door Stopper If You Frequently Travel Alone

If you frequently travel alone or internationally, consider investing in a door stopper that’s lightweight, and TSA-approved. The most effective ones use the weight of the door and direct any force coming from the other side into the floor.

Know Where You’re Going – Request a Map

Before you leave the lobby, ask the receptionist for a local street map and to mark where the hotel is for you.

Perception is Reality and Reality is Perception – Always Make it Seem You’re in the Room

As soon as you enter your room – turn the television on and keep it at low volume throughout your stay.

When you leave your room, hang the “Do Not Disturb Sign.”

Before you leave your floor, make sure you check out where the exits and stairwells are just in case of a fire. Know the fire escape plan and walk the floor to familiarize yourself with the plan.

Use Caution When Trusting a Hotel Safe

Hotel safes, especially in poor or underdeveloped countries, are extremely easy to break into. In the event of a hotel room break-in, they are usually the first thing that is targeted.

We at Security Specialists Want You to Stay Safe and Secure When You’re on the Road!

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