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Stop Car Burglary! – Nine Tips for Motor Vehicle Prevention Month

Car burglary is on the rise. In fact, there were 810,400 vehicles stolen in 2020, totaling about $7.4 billion in total motor vehicle thefts which is up 11.8% since 2019, when 724,872 vehicles were stolen. While the FBI includes several types of vehicles in their motor vehicle theft statistics, the majority of car burglary is focused on passenger cars and full-size pickups. To prevent you becoming a victim of car burglary, here are nine tips from Security Specialists:

  1. Never Leave Valuables in Your Car – leaving valuables in plain sight, even in a locked car, makes it more of a target. Keep your valuables home or hidden.
  2. Always Keep Your Car Locked.
  3. Install an Anti-Theft Device – Many modern cars come with a standard anti-theft device, if yours does not, consider purchasing one.
  4. Never Leave Your Car Running – while it may be convenient to run into a store, nothing is more attractive to a thief than a running car with no one in sight. Always turn your vehicle off and lock your car.
  5. Keep Your Windows and Sunroof Closed – a locked vehicle does nothing for theft prevention if thieves have easy access via an open window or sunroof.
  6. Avoid High Crime Areas – always plan a commute or trip away from high-crime areas.
  7. Always Use Extreme Caution at Night – Car thieves tend to operate at night. Make it a priority to park in high-traffic and well-lit areas when you are traveling at night.
  8. Leave the Parking Brake On – this simple step can prevent thieves from easily towing your vehicle and having a quick getaway.
  9. Be Aware of Your Surroundings When Parking – use common-sense when leaving a parking lot or gas station. Keep your eyes open and if something seems strange, move your car somewhere else or call police or security.

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