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Ten Helpful Tips to Survive a Hurricane!

The horrendous 2017 hurricane season, unfortunately, is far from over. To help you survive in case one hits your area, here are 10 helpful tips:

  1. If authorities tell you to evacuate – don’t hesitate – get out. Once the storm hits, your chance of successfully leaving is greatly diminished.
  2. Realize the water rises fast and with a great deal of power. So if you do insist on staying, have a thought out escape plan that you can achieve.
  3. If you are in the evacuation zone and staying, locate a place in your home that can withstand extreme wind. Stay inside and keep away from all windows, glass doors, and skylights.
  4. Don’t go outside the protection of your home before there is confirmation that the storm has passed the area.
  5. Use a portable radio to listen to important storm updates, information and instructions.
  6. If you lose power, keep the refrigerator closed to keep cold air trapped and delay spoilage of perishable food.
  7. Put important documents, wallet, purse and any other valuables into your safest space. Put the valuables in tightly wrapped garbage bags and place them somewhere off the floor.
  8. Have telephone numbers for your insurance company, nearby hospital and nursing or assisted-living facilities if you have loved ones there programmed into your cellphone (and make sure it is charged).
  9. If you use a portable generator, follow all the manufacturer’s instructions. Generators should be properly grounded to prevent electrical shock and should never be operated indoors, in garages, basements or outdoors near any windows, doors or vents.
  10. Document your valuables before the storm and be meticulous in keeping track of your losses and recovery expenses for subsequent insurance claims.

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