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Steering Safely Through Autumn – Five Simple Tips for Your Fall Driving!

Temperatures are falling…the days are getting shorter and leaves are changing color. Autumn is at our doorstep and with it some new driving challenges as we get ready to change seasons. To keep you and your family safe, here are five simple security tips to remember as you head out this fall season:

  1. Watch out for children. School’s in session and school buses are making their rounds. Be extra cautious of kids entering and leaving school buses.
  2. Make sure you have sunglasses in your car. Late autumn morning sunlight can be extremely bright so don’t hit the road without a good pair of anti-glare sunglasses in your vehicle. If the glaring sun becomes too bright, pull over and wait for the glare to subside.
  3. Falling leaves, rain, early darkness and fog can play havoc with your car’s traction as well as your ability to see the road clearly.  Slow down and use your headlights when visibility becomes problematic.
  4. When autumn arrives, so does rain in many parts of the country. When weather turns wet, keep a safe distance from cars in front of you and allow plenty of room for braking as wet, soggy leaves can be extremely treacherous.
  5. Keep your windshield clean. As temperatures drop in autumn, ice becomes a threat so always leave enough time to scrape your windshield in the morning and be vigilant against shady spots on the road as they can be hiding patches of black ice.

 We at Security Specialists Want You to Stay Safe this Autumn!



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