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St. Patty’s Day 2022 Safety Tips from Security Specialists

It’s St. Patty’s Day again! Time to clad the green and sample a good bottle of whiskey along with a few pints of Guinness in celebration of the holiday. However, the greater levels of alcohol consumption also make it a day to be responsible. To help you navigate the festivities, Security Specialists urges you to use your head and party responsibly by remembering the following St. Patty’s Day 2022 safety and security tips:

  1. Before you head out for St. Patty’s Day 2022, plan a safe way to get home and, if your group is planning to drive, name a designated driver. Also remember that many cities and bars offer safe driving alternatives on St. Patty’s Day, so check to see if your location for the evening is partnering with taxis, Uber, or Lyft.
  2. Use the buddy system to ensure everyone gets home safely – don’t let drunk friends get behind the wheel.
  3. Don’t become a target – only bring what you need (i.e., wallet, purse, ID, cellphone, etc.).
  4. Don’t bring valuables. In most cases, a night out for St. Patty’s Day 2022 will not require you to wear expensive jewelry and accessories. Limit yourself to the necessities, such as a small amount of cash and your phone. The less you bring, the less you risk losing.
  5. For heaven’s sake, remember to have everyone wear a seatbelt.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for others who may be intoxicated.
  7. Drink plenty of water and make sure you eat something (drinking on an empty stomach is extremely dangerous).
  8. Never leave your drink unattended.
  9. If you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party at home, collect your guests’ keys.
  10. To repeat – Do not drink and drive; plan to use a designated driver or public transportation if you are drinking

We at Security Specialists Want You, Your Friends and Your Loved Ones to Stay Safe and Secure This St. Patty’s Day 2022!

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