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Spring is Security Season For Business Owners!

With the weather getting warmer and employees starting to take more days off, Spring is the perfect time for business owners to review and renew their physical security status. Here are six quick tips that will help keep your business secure:

  1. Educate your staff and cultivate a culture of security. Remember, security is everyone’s business.
  2. Inspect your perimeter fencing and gates. If they’re in need of repair…fix them.
  3. Check your smoke and fire detectors – change batteries if needed – test and make sure all systems are operational and functional properly.
  4. Monitor your lobby and who gets access to the server room and other secure areas of your business. Invest in key cards and smart locks.
  5. Video surveillance cameras are very inexpensive these days. Deploy them liberally throughout your facility.
  6. Above all else, deploy monitored intrusion detection systems around all windows and doors.

Taking a few precautions this Spring can assure your business’ safety throughout the year. We at Security Specialists Want Your to Stay Secure!


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