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False Alarms on Your Home Security System can be Prevented!

Home Security System False Alarms Cost Taxpayers Millions!

Every year, false alarms on home security systems compromise and tie up fire and police personnel and cost taxpayers millions of dollars. However, it’s easy to save yourself the embarrassment of a false alarm and prevent wasted police and fire resources if you just follow these simple, common-sense tips from Security Specialists:

  • Check and replace old batteries in your security system.
  • Keep wandering pets away from motion sensors.
  • Make sure your keypad alarm codes are known to every family member.
  • Train everyone that is authorized to use the security system.
  • Make sure all your doors and windows are secure after you’ve turned on the alarm.
  • Monitor all your system components carefully when severe weather hits (high winds, lightning storms, etc.)
  • Replace your outdated, old security system with a new, robust commercial-grade home security system from Security Specialists!

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