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June is National Safety Month – This Week’s Theme; Trips, Slips and Falls!

June is National Safety Month – This Week’s Theme; Trips, Slips and Falls!

With a focus on reducing leading causes of injury and death at home, work and on the road, the National Safety Council has once again declared June as National Safety Month. To help you reduce the risk of injury this summer, Security Specialists is providing some handy tips throughout the month that you can put into practice to keep your family and employees safe.  This week’s theme focuses on workplace safety and preventing trips, slips and falls.

With the pace of business these days, it’s easy to get distracted. We’re rushing between meetings while constantly checking our cellphones for messages from our colleagues and families without paying attention to our surroundings while walking. To help prevent potentially dangerous and sometimes deadly slips, trips and falls, here are five simple tips you can put in practice to keep your office safe and employees secure:

  1. First and foremost – don’t walk while distracted! Tell your employees to put their phones away and watch where they’re going. If you see a co-worker walking distracted, speak up – even if it feels awkward.
  2. Everyone should always use handrails when walking up or down stairs. If you need to carry a load, take the elevator or ask for assistance.
  3. Keep all offices tidy. Close cabinet and desk drawers when they’re not in use and keep the floor and aisles clear of clutter.
  4. Never walk around with open drink containers which can result in spilled liquids. Put and keep lids on all beverage containers to prevent spills and slips.
  5. Make it well known that employees should report slip, trip and fall hazards to their supervisor or safety committee.


Taking these small actions could be an important large step in preventing potential injury from trips, slips and falls!









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