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Nine Security Tips to Survive a Twister!

While still rare in the Northeast, severe tornado and twister activity  has wreaked havoc over parts of Nebraska, Iowa and other parts of the Midwest over the last weekend. The devastating impact of these twisters (i.e., tornados) presents a huge danger to life and property. To help you and your business reduce the potential impact of any future twister, Security Specialists has put together these nine severe weather tips that could save your life in the event of a tornado.

  1. Immediately Designate a Safe Room
    Before the next severe weather forecast, take the time to designate a safe room to shield you from any storm impacts. If you don’t have a basement, choose an interior room on the lowest floor that puts as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Closets often make excellent safe rooms.
  2. Take the Time to Develop an Action Plan
    Develop a plan for both work and home. Engage employees and family members so that everyone knows how to react and where to go when a twister strikes. Like fire drills, this kind of advanced preparation can save lives.
  3. Prepare an Emergency First Aid Kit
    Prepare basic survival packages with what you determine you need ahead of time. Be sure to include a flashlight, battery-powered radio and extra batteries. Keep your kit in a single location and make sure everyone knows where it is.
  4. Secure Anything That Can Move
    The high winds from a tornado can overturn even trucks and cars. Make sure any trash cans, lawn furnishings and other outdoor objects are brought inside or safely secured outside before severe storms move in.
  5. Always Have Your Landscaping in Order
    Regularly trim tree branches away from your home and business to minimize the risk of branches breaking through windows.
  6. Always Stay Clear of Windows
    In the event that you have to shelter in an area other than your designated safe room, stay away from windows as smashed glass can quickly become airborne and act as deadly projectiles.
  7. If You are in a Mobile Home – Get Out Immediately
    More than 40 percent of deaths caused by tornado activity occur in mobile home settings. If you are inside this type of structure when a tornado approaches, seek alternative shelter immediately.
  8. Do Not Run If You’re Caught Outside During a Storm
    A tornado’s ground speed averages 30 miles per hour, so do not try to outrun it. If you are caught outside, lie face down in the lowest available area, and protect your head with your arms.
  9. Take Warnings and Watches Seriously
    When the National Weather Service issues a tornado watch, practice your pre-storm strategies. When you hear a tornado warning, take it seriously, and head for shelter right away.

 We at Security Specialists Want You and Your Family to Stay Safe from Twisters!


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