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Fireworks Safety Tips for the Fourth of July from Security Specialists

Well, the Fourth is almost here and with it, barbecues, parades, and fireworks. The National Safety Council advises everyone to enjoy fireworks at public displays conducted by professionals, and not to use any fireworks at home. They may be legal, but they are not safe.

In fact, according to the most recent annual report from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an estimated 10,300 fireworks-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency departments during the 1-month period between June 21-July 21, 2020

If consumer fireworks are legal to buy where you live and you choose to use them, be sure to follow the following safety tips from Security Specialists:

  1. Never allow young children to handle fireworks
  2. Older children should use them only under close adult supervision
  3. Never use them while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  4. Anyone using them or standing nearby should wear protective eyewear
  5. Never light them indoors
  6. Only use them away from people, houses, and flammable material
  7. Never point or throw them at another person
  8. Only light one device at a time and keep a safe distance after lighting
  9. Never ignite devices in a container
  10. Do not try to re-light or handle malfunctioning ones
  11. Soak both spent and unused firecrackers in water for a few hours before discarding
  12. Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish those that don’t go off or in case of fire
  13. Never use illegal ones
Better yet, grab a blanket and a patch of lawn, kick back and let the experts handle the pyrotechnics show.

We at Security Specialists Want You and Your Family to Stay Safe and Secure This Summer!

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