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Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips to Remember!

Finding the best deals on Black Friday is a time-honored tradition that many shoppers look forward to after the Thanksgiving feast. However, before you head out the door, it’s important to remember a few basic safety tips:

  1. Start Shopping before Black Friday – Many sales events actually start before Black Friday, so please stay aware of when retailers and websites actually start marking things down for the Black Friday event. It could save you a lot of unnecessary trips to various stores on Friday.
  2. Be mindful of Your Budget – Know you spend limit before you head out. Go into the day with a fixed budget in mind and keep track of what you are spending as you shop. 
  3. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi When in Stores – This can put you in danger of hackers who are trying to get your personal information. Public Wi-Fi has much less security than a private network that is protected by a password.
  4. Hold on to all your shopping receipts to better protect you against extra charges that a store may have added to your bill.
  5. If you are taking a child with you on your shopping trip, work out a meeting place in advance. In case one of you gets lost, you can both meet up at the meeting spot. Kids should also know to go to a store employee or a security guard if they need help.
  6. Stay Safe While Driving – Drive defensively and never give in to road rage and get aggressive with someone on the road. You never know who you might be provoking. The same is true in parking lots. If someone steals your parking space, let it go.
  7. Use Patience When Parking – Watch out for drivers who speed up to try to grab a space, and don’t do that yourself or you’ll risk an accident. When you park, make sure the area you are in is well-lit. It’s a bad idea to leave anything of value inside your vehicle.
  8. Don’t Forget to Lock Your Car – Note where it’s parked so that you aren’t wandering around the parking lot later. When you’re ready to leave the store, get your keys out before you leave. When you reach your car, check around your vehicle before you get in. 
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